Debt Recovery and Creditor Protection...

We understand the importance of cash flow to the overall economic health of a business and when dealing with clients’ debt recovery matters we are always driven by this concern. We will provide a debt collection strategy based on all possible advantages available to a client, not limited to basic County Court recovery actions. We often recommend the prosecution of debt claims by Bankruptcy or Compulsory Winding up proceedings. We have experience of dealing with all legal issues arising in such proceedings from the debtor’s perspective as well as the creditor’s and so we are able to avoid the potential hazards which creditors might encounter.

Where permitted, we enforce proprietary and secured claims and pursue additional or new debtor security for unpaid debts. We have particular expertise in the enforcement of retention of title claims by pre-emptive applications against defaulting debtors in anticipation of insolvency.

If insolvency intervenes we are able to assist in the enforcement of creditors’ claims whether by representation at creditors’ meetings, by engagement with the Insolvency Practitioner concerned or otherwise by enforcement of any viable proprietary or secured rights remaining available.