Business Disposals and Managed Closures...

As specialist Insolvency Solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners we are aware of the requirements and aims of Insolvency Practitioners engaged in disposing of businesses. We are conscious of the threats to Insolvency Practitioners when dealing with business assets and the measures needed to keep risks to a minimum.

We service Insolvency Practitioners in the disposal of businesses in many if not all sectors of the economy and from all forms of formal insolvency processes.  We have extensive experience in managed disposal or closure of businesses initiated by business owners of any sort, dealing with all legal and many practical aspects involved such as customer and creditor contracts and relations, employee issues and the interests of financial stakeholders.

We have particular expertise in crisis management and the orderly closure of Solicitors’ Practices and other legal services businesses.  The strength of our service lies in our unique position as Solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners which enables us to safely negotiate the complex regulatory requirements concerning the handling of client account monies and generally.