Services to Licensed Insolvency Practitioners...

We specialise in insolvency and so we understand the needs and objectives of Insolvency Practitioners better than most. We receive a large proportion of our instructions from Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and our professional relationship with Practitioner clients is of great importance to us. We recognise that excellence is expected of any lawyer.

We deliver legal services in a straightforward manner aimed at achieving clients’ aims in the most direct and least troublesome way. To facilitate this we appreciate the opportunity to be directly involved at an early stage, even if any formal instruction appears uncertain at the time. Successful insolvency practice depends on rapid realisation of assets on the most advantageous terms.

Accordingly we always act swiftly with a minimum of fuss and apply a flexible commercial attitude to all that we do. We have experience of dealing with any aspect of every formal procedure found in any personal or corporate insolvency.